Humanity is emerging from the shadow of War, pandemic disease, economic decline.Under this background, contemporary art and fashion, which once led with its avant-garde spirit of human creativity, is also diminishing. “Do we still need roses when there isn’t enough food on the table?””Do we still need fashion when the world is facing war and disease?” These questions haunted me constantly on my mind.

But‘ The Rose because she is Rose / Doth blossom, never asketh Why; / She eyeth not herself, nor cares / If she is seen of other eye. says from the mystic poet Angelus Silesius in The Cherubinic Wanderer.

Even in extreme hardship, spiritual needs like aesthetics, art, and emotional expression are still very important for mental health and overall well-being. Fashion can provide an escape and comfort, allowing people to experience some normalcy and beauty during difficult times, is not just about appearance, it is also an expression of culture, identity, and hope.

Humanity becomes humanity because of the pursuit of spiritual endeavors such as poetry, art, music, and fashion.And no matter the circumstances, there are always people who still persist in creating.

to bloom, to explode, to create.

Live Bravely and vividly with creativity.

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